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7 Lights Silver is electrically produced in small batches utilizing state-of-the-art technology and .999% pure silver. We use laboratory grade, ultra pure water that is specially structured to more efficiently accommodate a greater amount of silver. The solution is a safe and effective 15ppm. It is very stable, contains uniform particles of the smallest possible size (as small as .0008 microns), and is 100% clear due to the minute size of the silver particles. Laboratory tested and guaranteed to be pure, potent and free of additives. There are no side effects or drug interactions with our supplements and they can safely be used on a daily basis if desired.


7 Lights Colloidal Silver Ionic Nano Silver: Unsurpassed Quality

It is very important to know the quality of the Colloidal Silver you use. At 7 Lights we produce ours using the latest technology and superior production methods. Our solution contains 15ppm of the purest silver suspended in ultra-pure, laboratory grade water. It is made slowly in small batches using a state-of-the-art, commercial colloid generator which automatically adjusts voltage as water conductivity increases. This keeps the electrical current constant and produces uniform particles of silver which are consistently small, as indicated by the clarity of the liquid. Our generator also employs a circulation pump during production to provide an even distribution of particles and prevent agglomeration (smaller particles binding together to form larger ones). There does not exist a better way to produce colloidal silver. 7 Lights is committed to providing the finest Colloidal Silver available. It is guaranteed to be pure, potent, safe, effective, crystal clear and free of additives. Your satisfaction is also 100% guaranteed!

Why should I use Colloidal Silver?
Silver is one of the many minerals that our bodies need to function properly. Before our soils became severely depleted of minerals in the 20th century, the average daily intake of silver was approximately 50- 100 micrograms. Today, the typical American diet contains approximately 85% less silver and other trace minerals than it did 100 years ago. Taking one teaspoon of 7 Lights Colloidal Silver will supply 75 micrograms of silver. The EPA states that it is safe to ingest 350 micrograms of silver each day. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

All dietary products and dietary ingredients used in formulas that are sold on www.7lightshealth.com are blended, mixed, bottled, labeled, packaged and/or manufactured in the United States in facilities that adhere to the strictest industry regulations such as cGMP. We do not sell any aduletrated, misbranded or illegal ingredients or supplements and we adhere to the strictest industry standards and guidelines to assure that we sell the highest quality, purity tested products and ingredients that can be obtained.