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Next Generation of Silver Technology

○ Top Selling Silver Product
○ Backed by hundreds of reports and studies
○ Doctor Recommended
○ Designed to be used daily
○ Patented Manufacturing Process, Products, and Uses
○ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
○ Ideal for both Children and Adults
○ Demonstrated Safe and Effective 

The Proven Benefits of SilverSol Technology
For thousands of years, various forms of silver solutions have been used for a wide variety of issues. American Biotech Labs (winner of numerous medical innovation awards) has developed one of the most effective nano-silver technologies in the world. They currently hold more than 400 independent studies/test series from more than 60 different private, US government, military and also university labs, on their products.  

Their innovative scientific, published medical reports have challenged some of the greatest scientists in the world. As evidence of safety and efficacy, their innovative silver products have received numerous government clearances and approvals from around the world. 



Will SilverSol® use cause argyria?


SilverSol Technology® has undergone more than 30 safety studies including the first human ingestion safety studies done on a nano-silver.  These safety studies have shown that the metallic nano-silver particles in SilverSol are all flushed out of the body within approximately 24 hours.  No build-up or retention of the SilverSol particles can occur in the body which means you have no risk of argyria from SilverSol.

How much silver is in Silver Biotics products versus others on the market?

Most silver products on the market range in the 10 to 500 ppm silver concentrations with some even as high as 5,000 ppm. Our products on the other hand, range from 10 to 30 ppm. It is easy to think that a higher concentrated product (100 ppm vs 10 ppm) is better because you’re getting 10 times the amount of silver than you would with the lower concentrated product. With our Metallic Nano-silver Particle, our SilverSol technology has multiple modes of action without getting used up. Because of this, you need less nano-silver particles to accomplish the same thing as you would with other ionic or colloidal silver particles (this results in much less silver ingested comparatively).  Independent studies have shown SilverSol Technology to be up to 10x more effective than products containing as much as 3,000ppm silver.

Can I take Silver Biotics® while on antibiotics? 

Silver Biotics has not shown to interact negatively with any antibiotics or vaccinations.  We have tested it with 17 different antibiotics directly, and it had no inhibitory issues with any of them.  As part of a human ingestion safety study that was done on our Silver Biotics product, a P450 Drug Interaction Study was also completed, and it showed that Silver Biotics did not negatively interact with any common medications.  Silver Biotics doesn’t work chemically, which makes the chance of it interacting with medications very low.  This does not mean that it couldn’t interact with some medication somewhere, but as of yet, we have not found one that does.  We have sold more than 18,000,000 units of Silver Biotics products, with no reported side effects or negative interactions.  As always, it is important to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet or supplementation.

Do I need to take Silver Biotics® on an empty stomach?

The optimal time to take Silver Biotics is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  This is not necessary, but recommended for optimal product performance.

Will Silver Biotics® destroy healthy gut bacteria?

A unique advantage to our silver particles is that they don’t kill probiotics at the recommended levels. We have 3 independent studies showing that we do no harm to them, which is unprecedented in the silver product industry.

Why does it come in a plastic bottle?

There are several misconceptions out there about silver being stored in glass vs. plastic that have been around for a long time. Many years ago when we first started this company, others in the industry told us we needed to store our products in glass bottles, and that plastic would negatively affect our products, so that is what we did.  No one had any real data on why, and we never saw any test work to back it up.  So, we had two studies done at major universities, and the other at a large, independent laboratory) to verify the validity of those claims. Both of those studies showed the exact opposite, and that our product will last indefinitely in a quality, food-grade PETE #1 plastic.  This plastic does not leach and is BPA free.  Those studies also showed that if our products were stored in glass, sometimes the glass would affect our product, especially with long-term storage.  Up to that point we had been marketing our products in a glass bottles, but switched over shortly after we got the results. Recently, we had some of our product tested that had been stored for over 7 years in our plastic bottles, and it was still the correct ppm level, contained no leached chemicals, and worked just as well in the test as it did when it was first bottled.  There are many misconceptions about silver out there, and instead of just going along with them like many other companies do, we have independent testing done to find out what is correct.  We don’t like guessing when it comes to our products.  We want to know for certain how they work best so we can inform customers with confidence and data, instead of guesses and myths.

Why is Silver Biotics® clear when some other silver products have a brown, gold, or grey color?

Silver Biotics is clear because it is a 10 ppm solution with very small particles (5-7 nanometers in size).  Several factors affect the color of a silver product, including the size of the particles, the amount of those particles contained in the solution, and any other added impurities.  Our particles are metallic nano-particles with a thin, silver oxide coating, and their average size is 5 nanometers (or 0.005 microns).  To give you an idea of how small they actually are, a red blood cell measures 10,000 nanometers in size, and the period at the end of this sentence is about one million nanometers wide.  With this particle size, and at a concentration of 10 ppm, our solution is clear.  If we were to drastically increase the size of our particles or the ppm level, the clarity of our product would reduce.  Our particles are also part of the structure of the water, making them extremely stable, and a true colloidal solution.  You can freeze our products or boil them, and it will not affect the silver or its ability to stay homogeneously dispersed in the water.  A colored silver product will have either a high ppm level, large particle size, or some other ingredient(s) added to it, or even a combination of thereof. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.


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