GTF Chromium (90 Tablets)

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It could be said that diabetes and heart disease are the greatest things since sliced bread in terms of dramatic increase! Researchers at the U.S. government's National Institutes of Health established the mineral chromium as an essential nutrient over 50 years ago. It was established as essential for one very specific reason. Chromium was determined as necessary for blood sugar metabolism.

Chromium is referred to as a trace element because very little is needed. However, the very little needed is very much needed in a very, very big way. Requirements are measured in micrograms, which is a measurement of one part per million. Most chromium supplements on the market, such as chromium picolinate, are synthetic and could be toxic to the body. Innate Response manufacturers one of the only "food grown" chromium supplements on the market. This product is highly recommended by Christopher Barr, author of the book "About Chromium." Barr has been researching and recommending this form of chromium for over 30 years and has seen no other single element do more for people's health. Barr recommends 1 tablet 3 times a day.


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Watch Chris Barr In This Video As He Discusses Whole Food Nutrition

Watch Chris Barr Address Group of Pre-Med Students About Whole Food Nutrition


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