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LIVE BARLEY - A Proven Whole Food!

€ 100% Natural Whole Grain!

€ 50% More Fiber Than Oatmeal!

€ More Potassium, Niacin & Heart-Healthy Nutrients Than Any Other Whole Grain!

€ Low Glycemic Index!

€ 3 grams of Beta-Glucan Soluble Fiber Per Serving!

€ Can Be Used For Survival Food In Case of Emergency!

€ Certified Organically Grown!

€ Mixes Instantly In Fluid or Can Be Sprinkled On Food 

Barley, like wheat is a highly nutritious grain and is mentioned close to 40 times in the Bible. According to the books "Healing Foods From The Bible," and "Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia," barley is reputed to improve potency, vigor and strength. Ancient Greek athletes would often eat an easily digested barley-mash while in training. Roman gladiators were sometimes called hordearii, meaning "barley eaters," because the grain was added to their diet to give them bursts of strength before their contests.

Barley is one of the most nutritionally beneficial whole foods on the market today. This all-natural, whole grain barley packs a powerhouse of nutrition. In 2006, the FDA finalized a rule allowing barley foods to claim they may reduce the risk of heart disease, America's #1 killer.

Dr. Perricone lists barley as the "best grain and a top-ten "Super Food." LIVE BARLEY Is The Richest & Best Source of Beta-Glucan! 7 Lights LIVE BARELEY is unique to other barleys because it contains an extraordinarily high concentration of fiber (beta-glucan soluble fiber). Beta-glucan is proven to be naturally effective in helping to manage weight, blood sugar and cholesterol - all factors associated with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and immune system related issues. You will not find beta-glucan in wheat, corn or rice. Moreover, it's the size of the beta-glucan molecules that makes this barley remarkable. LIVE BARLEY'S beta-glucan molecules are larger than average beta-glucan molecules, so they provide maximum health benefits.

Unlike starch and sugar, intestinal enzymes do not digest beta-glucan. Instead, beta-glucan transforms into a water soluble, non-digestible gel. This gel:

€ Coats the intestines

€ Traps carbohydrates and dietary fat

€ Slows the rate of digestion

€ Buffers nutrient absorption

€ Helps flush


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