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Greg Ciola is a name well-known in the world of nutritional supplements. With decades of experience in the industry, he has made significant contributions through various roles, from publishing and product development to manufacturing and distribution. His journey has been marked by a passion for health and a dedication to providing reliable information and high-quality products to consumers.

A Life in Nutritional Supplements

Greg Ciola's journey in the nutritional supplement industry began at a young age. As a teenager, he developed a keen interest in health and wellness, sparked by his parents health food store and sports supplement company. This interest ultimately led him to a lifelong commitment to the industry. Ciola realized the power of natural health solutions and their potential to transform lives.

Health Newspaper Publishing

One of Greg Ciola's significant contributions to the field was his dedication to spreading health knowledge. He founded CRUSADOR, a health newspaper that focused on providing valuable information on nutrition, supplementation, and alternative health approaches. This publication became a trusted resource for individuals seeking information on improving their well-being.

Interviewing Experts and Authors

Greg's role as a publisher allowed him to connect with numerous experts and authors in the field of health and nutrition. He conducted interviews with a wide array of professionals, including doctors, nutritionists, and holistic health experts. These interviews provided readers with valuable insights and advice from some of the leading minds in the industry, helping them make informed decisions about their health.

Involvement in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Product Development

Greg's expertise extends beyond publishing. He has been actively involved in various aspects of the nutritional supplement business. He understands the intricacies of manufacturing, distribution, and product development, ensuring that the products he offers are of the highest quality and meet stringent standards.

Building Strong Industry Contacts

Over the years, Greg Ciola has nurtured strong connections within the dietary supplement industry. These connections have been invaluable in his pursuit of providing the best products and information to his customers. With these contacts, he has access to the latest developments in the industry, helping him stay at the forefront of emerging health trends.

Family Business and Online Presence

Greg's family has played a vital role in his endeavors. They have been actively involved in the business, helping to maintain a strong online presence through their online store and platforms like Amazon. Their commitment to delivering top-notch supplements has contributed to their success and the satisfaction of their customers.


Greg Ciola's life has been dedicated to the nutritional supplement industry. From publishing a health newspaper and interviewing experts to being involved in manufacturing, distribution, and product development, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. His commitment to providing high-quality products and valuable information to consumers continues to be a driving force in his work. With strong industry connections and the support of his family, Greg Ciola remains a trusted figure in the world of dietary supplements, making a positive impact on the health and well-being of countless individuals.

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