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SULFUR DEFENSE Granulated MSM Crystals
99.9% Pure Methylsulfonylmethane

No fillers, flow agents, binders, anti-caking agents or preservatives -- just pure Sulfur Crystals.

Sulfur Defense MSM Crystals can help with arthritis, joint and muscle pain, allergies, inflammation, detoxification, digestion, and much more! Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will love Sulfur Defense because it works great for workout recovery and as a catalyst to make your nutritional supplements more bioavailable. 

Many people don't know that MSM Sulfur is one of the best Sports Nutrition supplements you can take for better athletic performance. MSM makes you stronger and it helps dramatically enhance workout recovery while also offering more protection for your muscles and joints. That means far less injuries, especially for pro athletes that put the pedal to the medal in their workouts. There isn't a professional athlete around that won't see noticeable results in their sport from using MSM Sulfur every day. In fact, it is a secret weapon that will take your abilities to a new level.  

Just look at how muscular and fit most athletes are today compared to 30 years ago. Most MLB baseball players look like borderline bodybuilders. They are all pumping iron and hitting the gym. NFL players are no different. Here's the thing though that they all have in common; they are getting injured more than ever. They are tearing muscles and popping joints frequently. The body requires minerals and MSM is one of the best minerals you can take that helps protect muscles and joints from injuries. 

If it's good enough for all the thoroughbred racehorses then it's something everyone playing sports should be taking too. That's right, MSM is given to all the racehorses because the owners know that it helps them tremendously. It makes them faster, stronger and healthier while also protecting their muscles and joints. Why is it that so few in the sports world understand that MSM can do the same thing for anyone working out or playing sports? 


100% American Made. The cleanest and purist source of Sulfur (MSM) in the world. Our sulfur crystals are the purest on the market at a guaranteed 99.9% purity level! They are manufactured using a state of the art 4-stage distillation process, which is unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry. Sulfur is present and needed in the cells of all living organisms (plant & animal) and performs a critical role in the transportation and delivery of many key nutritional substances to your body's cells.

Sulfur Defense MSM crystals contain the only GRAS-designated MSM on the market. GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) is the designation given by the FDA to substances considered safe for direct or indirect additives to foods. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any dis

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