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Colloidal Copper is the most bioavailable form of copper and contains electrically charged particles suspended in ultra pure water. The active nano-particles of copper are easily assimilated by the skin due to its colloidal nature. This is an extremely effective anti-aging mineral nourishment consisting of nano colloidal copper.

Copper is an essential mineral for healthy skin. Some of the external signs of a copper deficiency are fine lines and wrinkles, dryness of the skin, age spots, varicose veins, sagging skin, and grey hair. Copper has been called the elixir of youth and applying a Colloidal Copper supplement to the skin (and scalp) is an excellent way of delivering additional copper to the body. Doing this is believed to directly stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's the cement that bonds tissue components together) thus promoting smoother and younger looking skin. When the skin gets enough copper, it tends to retain more moisture and display a healthy glow. Some claim it helps restore hair pigmentation.

Colloidal Copper Skin Toner: Discover the Beauty Secret of Ancient Royalty!

If you want smoother, softer skin with fewer wrinkles, try an all natural approach: Colloidal Copper Skin Toner. A topical copper spray can make skin look many years younger and in a very short time. 7 Lights Nutrition's Colloidal Copper Skin Toner contains 10ppm of 99.9% pure copper suspended in ultra pure water. It is sprayed directly on the skin and dries clean. Since it contains only nanoparticles of pure copper, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and begins to work faster than many copper peptides.

opper is one of a relatively small group of metallic elements which are essential to human health. We literally can't live without it. As we age, we lose minerals and develop signs of deficiencies. Some of the external signs of a copper deficiency are: thin or sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, varicose veins and grey hair. Skin becomes dull and lifeless as cell renewal slows. Applying a Colloidal Copper skin supplement is an excellent way of delivering additional copper to the body.

Nano Colloidal Copper Face & Body Cream provides all the beautifying properties of copper in a luxurious moisturizing cream. Promotes toned, smooth, and younger looking skin in record time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Nano Colloidal Copper Face & Body Cream consists of over 70% Colloidal Copper (10ppm) blended with the finest all natural and organic ingredients.

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